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  • Spelunky PS4 PKG

 #9241  by Cronos
 Sun Aug 05, 2018 11:13 am

Description Spelunky on PS4 is the HD remake of an action-adventure-oriented platformer of the same name released in 2008. The player has to cross randomly generated caves filled with monsters of all kinds in search of hidden treasures. To do this, he must use various objects, including a whip, bombs and ropes. He can also take the time to rescue damsels in distress and even search for secret coins filled with gold.

Spelunky PS4 PKG INFO
LANGUAGES : MULTI ( German, Portuguese, English, Italian, French, Spanish)
Region: EUR
ID: CUSA00491
It works: 5.05
Format: FAKE PKG v1.01
Size: 304 MB