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  • 99Vidas PS4 PKG

 #9515  by Cronos
 Thu Aug 09, 2018 7:07 pm

Description 99Lives - The Game seeks to capture all the excitement and frenzy of the classic beat'em up of the 16-bit era (Final Fight, Double Dragon, Battletoads, Golden Ax and Streets of Rage) and bring them back into a video game loaded with winks to the video game industry and pop culture of the 80s and 90s with playable mechanics updated to new times. With the implementation of two attack buttons (fast and heavy), and a team of 11 characters associated with each of the five elements, the adventure presents a local and online cooperative mode as well as other game modes

99Vidas PS4 PKG INFO
Region: USA
ID: CUSA05187
It works: 5.05 | 5.07
Format: FAKE PKG
Size: 305 MB