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  • Watch Dogs PS4 PKG

 #617  by Cronos
 Fri Feb 09, 2018 10:53 pm

Description Stealth-action from Ubisoft Montreal, in which we will try on the role of a hacker in the resistance, fighting with the controlling all and all program ctOS. The protagonist of the game - a man named Aiden Pearce - seeks to protect himself and his family from an unknown danger. Its main weapon is the city and the ubiquitous security systems. The game developers promise to provide an unrivaled simulation of a dynamic digital megapolis. Players will be able to break into the city infrastructure: traffic lights, drawbridges, communications, trains and much more. The consequences of your actions will later be reflected in the urban media. You can access every smartphone and computer in the city, which will allow you to get additional missions. The system for obtaining tasks in Watch Dogs will be unique. The player himself will form the gameplay.

Watch Dogs PS4 PKG INFO
Release date: 2014
Genre: Adventure
Release from:
Code: CUSA00016
Game version: 1.00
Language : ENGLISH
Firmware: 1.60
Size: 19.51 GB
Link :
download : Watch Dogs PS4 PKG