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  • Dead Island - Definitive Edition PS4 PKG

 #625  by Cronos
 Fri Feb 09, 2018 11:22 pm

Description The island of Banoy, a tropical paradise in the South Pacific, has become a real hell for its guests, who suddenly turned into living dead. Cut off from the rest of the world, four survivors miraculously try to survive amid this madness and escape from the cursed island. When the skin is peeling off your once respectable neighbors, and their sticky hands are drawn to your throat, when the fetid breath of death comes from every corner, and every trimming of a pipe in your hands becomes a weapon, you will know the fear. When you are surrounded from all sides by the hordes of the hungry blood of the undead, you will learn friendship. When you rise to meet the morning sun on the mountain from the twisted bodies, you again believe in love. To survive is to win. Become a real zombie fighter!

Dead Island - Definitive Edition PS4 PKG INFO
Release date: 2016
Genre: Action, RPG
Release from:
Code of the disc: CUSA03291
Game version: 1.03
Language : English
Firmware: 3.0
Size: 4.41 GB