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  • Outlast Trinity PKG PS4 v1.03 + DLC

 #8864  by Cronos
 Sun Jul 29, 2018 9:56 pm

Description This collection includes Outlast 2, the original Outlast and the downloadable content of Outlast Whistleblower. The second part is a title of horror and horror in the first person with dyes of survival that will present us a more rural adventure, in which we will have to hide and flee from the threats that will persecute us constantly, using the environment in the form of cornfields and farms to flee from enemies

Outlast Trinity PKG PS4 v1.03 + DLC INFO
Language: English
Region: EUR
ID: Disk 1 - CUSA07742 / Disk 2 - CUSA06633
It works: 4.55 | 5.05
Format: PKG v1.03 + DLC Whistleblower
Size: 24 GB