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  • Vikings: Wolves Of Midgard PS4 PKG

 #6150  by Cronos
 Mon Jun 11, 2018 3:46 pm

Description Vikings: Wolves of Midgard on PS4 is a Hack'n'Slash game; playable solo or in multi. The game invites you to discover the coasts of Midgard, a world inspired by Norse mythology and the history of the Vikings. Fight the terrifying Jotans, hordes of undead monsters and the beasts of Ragnarok. As leader of the clan, you must prevent the annihilation of Midgard and take the charge that will triumph over the evil creatures of Fimbulvetr.

Vikings: Wolves Of Midgard PS4 PKG INFO
Editor / Developer : Kalypso Media | Games Farm
Release : March 24, 2017
Genre : Hack'n Slash / RPG
Theme : Mythology
Region: EUR
ID: CUSA05032
Format: PKG
Size: 3.87 GB
Language: Multi
Release: Playable
Works: 5.05