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  • Far Cry: Primal PS4 PKG

 #795  by Cronos
 Sat Feb 17, 2018 3:31 pm

Description The game takes place about twelve thousand years ago during the beginning of the Mesolithic era in the fictional country of Urus, where the tribes for their survival every day have to come into conflict with nature and with each other. Players take on the role of a hunter named Takkar, he is one of the last representatives of the demolished tribe who travels the country of Urus in search of revenge for his people.

Since the action of Far Cry Primal occurs in prehistoric times, the usual types of weapons and vehicles in the game are absent in the Far Cry game series. For players, only melee weapons are available: spears, batons and weapons with short range, for example bows. In this case, there is no possibility to buy it, players will have to independently create weapons using improvised items such as wood and stone. As they progress in the game, they can improve weapons, making it more deadly and effective. In addition to batons, spears and bows, Takkar can use a variety of tamed animals, including saber-toothed tigers, cave bears and wolves, against enemies. A manual owl serves Takkar as a scout, allowing him to detect enemies from afar. If one of Takkar's pets perishes, it can be brought back to life by finding and using the Red leaf. Takkar leads the way of life of a man of the Stone Age: he hunts animals, makes tools of various materials, and also wars war with other tribes. In the country of Urus there are different regions with different climates and different dangers for the player - so, in snowy cold areas, Takkar can freeze and must warm up by the fire, or make warm clothes, or hug a mammoth or a tiger.

Far Cry: Primal PS4 PKG INFO
Release date: 2016
Genre: Action, Adventure
Code of the disc: CUSA03310
Game version: 1.03
Language : English
Firmware: 3.11
Size: 11.26 GB
Link :
download :






4.55-5.05 VERSION
Region: EUR
ID: CUSA03309
Format: PKG
Size: Compressed: 10.6 GB
Language: Multi
Works: 4.55-5.05
DLC contain :
– Quick Path: Hunter
– Quick Path: Warrior
– Blood Shasti
– Legend of the Mammoth
– Wenja Hunter Paint
– Quick Path: Crafter
– Quick Path: Gatherer
– Ash Back Mammoth Skin
– Storm Cloud Owl Skin
– Flame Fang Sabretooth Skin



 #885  by Cronos
 Sun Feb 18, 2018 10:25 pm
livendirect wrote:
Sun Feb 18, 2018 10:20 pm
it s ok but in english only ^^
your english not very bad at all , you can understand Far Cry: Primal i think :P