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  • F1 2016 PS4 PKG

 #1374  by Cronos
 Thu Mar 01, 2018 11:20 pm

Description Formula 1 2016 - a new game in the famous racing series will receive the most realistic career mode that ever existed within the franchise. In addition, players will have to try multiplayer mode for 22 people and a number of other improvements, which they so long requested.

In the updated mode of the career at last there will be an opportunity to choose own racers who will represent the player on a line or the championship, and also to select corresponding numbers for болидов.

Moreover, players will be able to receive various contracts, move from one team to another, each of which has different goals and expectations, or develop one, gradually turning it into a champion. The appearance of virtual and real security machines, and new functions "Circle" and "Manual start" will revive the game even more. Now players will have to keep the clutch and balance the turns, waiting for the signal to the beginning of the race, in order to avoid false starts and unnecessary fines.

Another major innovation can be called recreation areas for the teams of "Formula 1". In them, players will be able to work in close cooperation with their car improvement engineer or personal agent to sign more profitable contracts.

"For the F1 2016 franchise, this is a serious step forward," said Lee Mather, the game's main game designer Codemasters. "The new career mode is the core and heart of our game, because it allows players to create their own careers that can develop for as many as ten seasons. Our converted machine improvement system completely reproduces what any normal Formula 1 team does in real life. "

The latest decoration of F1 2016 will be an impressive track from Azerbaijan, which may well become the fastest this season. In the early screenshots, you can also notice a new time-of-day editor, allowing players to seriously change the visual effects on the track.

F1 2016 PS4 PKG INFO
Release date: 2016
Genre: Racing, Simulation, Sport
Code: CUSA04509
Game version: 1.01
Language : English
Firmware: 3.50
Size: 21.77 GB
Link :


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