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  • Resident Evil - Code Veronica X PS4 PAL MULTi4 [PS2toPS4] SLES50306

 #4330  by Cronos

Description Raccoon City was just the beginning. For Claire and Chris Redfield, the nightmare continues, and the siblings must battle zombies and other monstrosities in Umbrella's deadly research facilities.

Rummage for weapons and valuable ammunition to fight undead dog creatures, a giant worm, and other horrors lurking in the shadows. Explore the mysterious setting on Rockfort Island and the Antarctic base, search for clues to the dirty targets of the Umbrella Corporation, and uncover the truth about the mysterious and disturbing Ashford twins.

Resident Evil - Code Veronica X PS4 PAL MULTi4 [PS2toPS4] INFO
FW : 4.05
Language: MULTi
Size: 3,74GB
Format: pkg