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  • Silent Hill 4 - The Room PS4 PAL MULTi5 [PS2toPS4] SLES52445

 #4333  by Cronos
 Sat May 05, 2018 4:42 pm

Description A completely new, frightening story in the most groundbreaking, shocking and confusing of all interactive horror spectacles!
When Henry Townshend awakens, he finds himself in a real nightmare and is inexplicably trapped in his own apartment.
He discovers a mysterious portal that leads into a repulsive other reality, confronting him with the shocking truth of a horrific mystery.
Silent Hill 4 contains awesome scenes and shocking images that surpass all normal imagination and put your mind to the test.
Henry Townshend has to find a way out of this nightmare and use it to air the horrible mystery of Silent Hill.
Do you dare to enter THE ROOM?

Silent Hill 4 - The Room PS4 PAL MULTi5 [PS2toPS4] INFO
FW: 4.05
Language: Multi
Size: 3.55GB
Format: pkg