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  • ARMS switch iso (Multi-Lang)

 #10433  by Hugnkiss
FriskyWhisky wrote: Sat Aug 25, 2018 3:46 am Is the update in the GDRIVE files? is it the last 4 files?
It might be in there and it could be the last 4 files. I hope that helps you out. :-)
 #10499  by Hugnkiss
welbreak099 wrote: Sun Aug 26, 2018 3:52 am how to transfer from download switch games to Nintendo console using SD card ?
please reply me asap Thanks
First you put your sd card in the adapter the goes into your computer. Then when you pc shows a message about your sd card, you the open your sd card. Then you take the file which would be XCI or NSP and put that on the root of the sd card. The sd card root means no folder at all. Then when said game is 100% done transforing from the computer to your sd card, safely eject your sd card. Then take your sd card out of the computer adapter, then put you sd card into your switch, with out the pc adapter. Now that is about it because depending what CFW you have, that has diffrent steps on that, but that for you should be easy as most guide you threw the process. I hope that helps :-) .