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  • Kirby : Star Allies XCI/NSP +UPDATE

 #8845  by Hugnkiss
perropinton wrote: Sat Jul 28, 2018 5:06 pm hi, i'm new to this what's the difference between XCI and NSP? which one should i donwload?
XCI is the Team Xecture os the one you have to buy to make your own file, but its the easier to install and has a lot of support. NSP is a eshop game dump. I would suggest a XCI file because you can download the os I belive for free to run XCI game files. I hope that helps.
 #8847  by Hugnkiss
perropinton wrote: Sat Jul 28, 2018 5:07 pm i am going to use the team xecuter sx os, should i download xci or nsp? and what's the difference?
You should use XCI file. XCI file is made from you xecuter sx os, and is eaiser to run and has a lot of support. NSP is an eshop dump that can be troublesome at time from what I have read. Hope that helps
 #8931  by Hugnkiss
There are no emulators as of yet that can run all of the switch games. The are a small few that can run 3 games and thats it. Right now no dice. Sorry :-(