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  • Super Mario Odyssey switch iso (XCI / NSP FORMAT)

 #10809  by Hugnkiss
TVG2018 wrote: Fri Aug 31, 2018 12:31 am Big thankyou for all the effort giving us this many download options :),i am new here and i have to say what an epic forum this is :). Thanks again i appreciate it a lot.
Happy to hear your enjoyment of the site :-D
 #10818  by ble ble ble
I have a problem downloading the game from the google drive
she is in the ZIP fiend
after unpacking I get files:
- info
- svc
- RAR from 1 to 24
What do I do with it ?? as I try to unpack, I get an error ... I downloaded Mario Odyssey, Monster Jam Crush It, -NBA.2K18.NSW-BigBlueBox, Puyo.Puyo.Tetris.EUR.PROPER.NSW-BigBlueBox and the same problem.

I download games in the XCI band and this should be one file ...

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