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  • [ps4 pro] Ps4 pro very hot

 #4159  by D.dec
 Fri Apr 20, 2018 9:56 pm
Hello all!!

For the owner of a ps4 pro, have you constated that the back of your ps4 is really very hot?

I have constated that the top of the game console is very hot , just the back not the front. It seem be the power supply.
And that even about few minutes... :-o

And you?

update 21/04/2018:
I have playing this afternoon many hours and all is OK. The case is hot but normal not extreme. I have heard the fan not the other evening when it was extremly hot. While the other day it was too hot for touch without pain. Strange but it seems all is OK now! The ps4 is new i look it the problem come back in the next days...
 #4167  by Hugnkiss
 Sun Apr 22, 2018 8:54 pm
Hello D.dec. If I were you I would stop playing the ps4 pro because it sounds like a defected system. Now as you have said its new, if you could I would take it back to where you bought it and see if you can get a new one. If that can not be done, I would then contact sony and send it in asap. Now I did not have a PS4 pro but it sounds like the thermal paste, its goo that sony puts on the apu in the playstation is eather not placed on and/or is very dryed. Why I say that is because I had a day one ps4 that I took apart to fix because it had a simaler issue to yours. I did fix it, and the thermal paste was dry for mine, but I would not suggest that for you because you will void your warenity on the system. I hope I have help out. Again I would try taking back to the store to see if you can get a new one. :-)
 #4230  by D.dec
 Sat Apr 28, 2018 8:34 pm
Thanks to your reply Hugnkiss. The problem seem disappeared!! No bug when i have constated this problem, it's why i think the problem is come from the power supply. (The back was very hot, not the front, the ps4 was stable , i have constated the problem when i have shutdown the ps4).
I use exploit, the same i have changed nothing... ? Now it's hot but not normal , i can touch without sensation of burning!!