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  • [Switch] The Homebrew Launcher would be available on the first of February 2018

 #467  by Cronos
 Thu Jan 04, 2018 6:13 pm
Sometimes a picture is better than a long speech, it is on this communication technique that Plutoo has just confirmed that the homebrew launcher will arrive on Nintendo Switch the first of February 2018.

Decryption of what will probably be the revolution of the quarter, if of course we obscure the likely arrival of a payload PlayStation 4 to launch the commercial games.

Now Plutoo through his Twitter profile confirms the arrival of Homebrew Launcher. It does not tell us if all this will be reserved for firmware 3.0.0 , this is very likely given the recent announcements made to the 34C3, but we'll see there are only 4 weeks to wait now.

In a comment, he adds that it will start both homebrew libnx and libtransistor.

The revolution Switch is running, homebrews will land on the latest console Nintendo, for our greatest pleasure.