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  • The PS2 is coming on PS3 and PS4

 #553  by Cronos
 Wed Jan 24, 2018 7:52 pm
We can say the PS2 is found everywhere right now, on the one hand on PS4 and now again on PS3.

On PS4, we owe it to Cfwprophet who published Free PS2 Pub Gen in its first version. This is an application that will allow you under firmware 4.05 to enjoy your PS2 games.

To run the application needs, obis-pub-cmd-ps2.exe and aithinfo_emu.txt.

Add your ISO PS2, and you can create your PKG with Fake PKG Generator.

DOWNLOAD : free-ps2-pub-gen.rar

PS3 side, it is the developer Kozarovv who offers us a modified version of ps2_netemu cut for CFW 4.81 and CFW 4.82 through PS2 Netemu Selector.

DOWNLOAD : PS2_Netemu-Selector
 #4344  by Jameskeating
 Mon May 07, 2018 10:31 am
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