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  • Free CFW starter for Switch.

 #9414  by Hugnkiss
 Wed Aug 08, 2018 7:49 am
Hello everyone.
I had found this on youtube. After going to the actuial website were it was posted in a fourm ( Which I suggest you do not read the comments because they're mostly filled with drama) a Free CFW for your Switch. Its not like SX OS, but if you dont have the money for SX OS and or do not want to wait for it to come this might be your next choice. It can only play as of now nsp roms and not xci files from what I had read on the fourm, I had to cut a lot of the drama out to get to said info, but it helps all of you out so it was worth it :-). Ok with that out of the way here is a youtube link to said video. and if you want to go to the fourm to dl it the link is here ... ch.513785/. Its a starter which means it gives you all the you need to play backups of games you own. But its free and I thought it might help people out. I suggest you watch the youtube video before you try to install the cfw. Again I nor ISOLAND is responsible if you mess something up that makes your switch a paper weight.

Hope this helps.