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  • Explanation terms for Switch and other systems

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 Fri Jul 27, 2018 4:04 am
I had read a post on someone being confused on the terms used on games, So I though I could help out a bit. Inspired by Joel from Brussels. :-)

Explanation terms for Switch

Proper/NSP: 100% copy of game. A 1:1 ratio. NSP is also starting to get more popular as XCI. Both can be played in SX OS. NSP can also support and have install game updates, But you have to know what your doing as a worng move may just toast your system.

Trimmed/XCI: A dump of a game, Can be 100%, but could also be a bad dump, that has all un needed stuff that does not affect the game at all cut from dump to save space. Also the most popular format thanks to Team Xecuter.

Cut: Can be a wild card, Can mean 100% to not working at all. Also can mean un needed stuff has been removed to save space. This tearm can mean a lot of things. So I would aim for Proper /NSP and/or trimmed/XCI. I know what I have said about trim but that risk can also happen to a Proper dump/NSP as well.

SFV format: This is the checksum for the Switch games. A checksum is a line of numbers and letters that showes a person that the game is the OG rom. you can copy and paste into a search engin to make sure its the OG game. 9/10 times it normaly is, but at times it can be the OG game but it can be a bad dump so the checksum will not line up right, also checksums can mismatch if you add a rom hack to a game rom.

ISO: Means Game Image, but for the Switch it does not apply because its a rom flie is not image. Even though ISO is missed used a lot. It means the full game normaly. Its the format that Gamecube, WII/U games are in. Iso can be used on the Dolphin emulator for Gamecube and Wii. Wii U Isos can be used on the cemu emulator.

PS3/4 Terms
ISO: Full Game Image, Can be Great 1:1 ratio or Can mean bad dump. Now matter the case it can not be used on a PS3/4 system as of the time I wrote this and has to be converted to said format below. PS3 ISOs can be used in the RPCS3 emulator.

PKG: Packaged Game: Means its been worked on and is ready to go and be installed on a jailbroken PS3/4 system. You can make your own from ISOs, but you have to go on youtube to see how to do that. It has a lot that needs to be done to it.

PS Vita Terms
HENKaku VPK: The most populator homebrew for your PSvita. Not much else to say because very few people bought the PSVita and as of this post no emulator for it also.

3DS Terms
CIA: Means the US gov lol :laugh: , and the format that is used to play 3ds game on your 3ds system. Cannot be used on the Citra emulator.

Decrypted: Means the protction on the game has been broken. This is what you need to use on the Citra emulator. Cannot be played on a 3ds system at all, even with a flash card.

Xbox 1 Terms:
ISO: Full Game Image, 1:1 ratio, but as of now none exist that I know of and there is no emulator also. Could change in the future, but look at how long the OG Xbox emulator took to make a working one, It is still being worked on as of now.

CFW Meaning: CFW mean Custom firmware, That can make any game system do things that whatever company that makes said system does not want it to do. Also at time installing Custom firmware can void your system warranty if your system still has one. If it does do not install Custom firmware at all untill your warranty is done with and/or if your system is out of warranty make sure you read and or watch a lot of videos on how to install it because one wrong move and you might make your system toast.

I hope that helps you all out.

Let me know if I have missed any. Thanks :-)
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Cronos wrote:
Fri Jul 27, 2018 3:13 pm
great ! thank you , it explains everything, and everything is clear, it will help many people ;-)
Your very Welcome Cronos, I am happy that you like it and that its well wrote also :-). I hope it does help a lot of people. Thanks again :-)