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Do you have a question or a problem ? This is where you have to post.
 #9859  by askiag14
 Wed Aug 15, 2018 12:08 pm

New here. Ran a search but didn't find an answer for my question. I wanted to first say thanks to all who put in the work so that I can enjoy the experience of some of these games.

My question is this, Is it common to have to wait several days in order for a full PS3 or any large file game to download. I have pretty good download and upload speeds but it seems like some of the links which lead you to Mega Downloader cap you at a certain point. This leaves you waiting hours to resume the download. This can become tiresome with a download like Uncharted 3 or God of War which already are huge files.

I also tried using Mipony and the other mentioned link organizer but neither program seems to be working at least for me. I can copy and paste all links into them but they won't actually download them.

I just want to make sure I am doing something wrong ;-) and can be pointed in the correct direction. If not, I guess I will have to wait like everyone else did I suppose.

 #9970  by Hugnkiss
 Fri Aug 17, 2018 3:04 am
Hello askiag14, To answer your qusten, Yes it is normal for it to take a long time to dl full PS3 and PS4 games. With them being uncompressed on disc's they take a huge admount of room. More on the PS4 side then PS3. Now for PS3 its because of how the pkg is made, You have to have the game ISO which is huge and then you need to add other programs onto the ISO to trick your system into thinking its a digital title. So with all of that extra stuff it takes a lot of room. Now for the internet part, Unless you have fiber internet, It will be a slow dl. Now that has a lot of factors the work into it. Your ISP,distance, data caps, speed throating by ISP, etc. I understand you have good upload and dl speeds, but when it comes to large data, it will still be slow. Mega does have a data cap when you have a free account, but if you pay for an account you get a bigger data pool. For Downloaders, most of the time they will work, but for some its better then others. Now the links not working, that could be the actual website that has hosted the files, but I think its because you have to do the catacha before you get said link. So I think that is the issue. I hope that info I have gave helps you out. I may not be 100% right, but I do try my best on troubleshooting issues. Have a great day. :-)