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  • XBSLink Tutorial to play LAN GAMES on JB PS4 Online

  • In this section, we will help you better understand what may seem unclear to you.
In this section, we will help you better understand what may seem unclear to you.
 #8296  by Akuma360
 Sat Jul 21, 2018 6:43 pm
Since there is no online gaming on JB PS4, there is an alternative to that.
You can play games like Call of Duty Black Ops 3 or Rainbow Six Siege still online with friends.

Let´s get started!

What you need:
Winpcap which will be installed with XBSLink

For those who get external IP error, here is a fixed Version of XBSLink
This is a portable Version but you can install install the original and overwrite the files if you want.

First of all,

XBSLink doenst like Wifiadapter but you can try with yours. For me it worked partially but couldnt play online with it so use Ethernet on PC. Your PS4 can use WIFI!

1. Install XBSLink

2. Portfoward If you dont know how to do it, just check it shows you how to do it. Portfoward to the Ethernetadapter ... or_png.htm

Or you can enable UPNP on your router and XBSLink.

Choose the right Ethernetadapter and IP ... c4_png.htm

3. Settings of XBSLink
Add the Macadress of your PS4 Wifi or Ethernetadapter and enable special Mac list
You have to add the Macadress ... 8e_png.htm

If everthing is setup, click start engine, if it gives you an error, just click on the message tab.
Maybe it will say External IP cant be resolved, so you need to use the fixed XBSLink version.

Thats how it should look like ... oa_png.htm

Now you can start the Game and press search so XBSLink finds your PS4
you can check if its found, here ... pi_png.htm

You and your Friends need to have the same IP Base so Player 1 needs and the next need 1.3 , just go to settings/network, setup and manually, Subnet is leave Gateway and DNS empty
To Play together you need to load the Cloud and join or create a Room or give your friends your public ip and connect directly

You can join my Discord Server to play together

Have Fun!