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  • [GUIDE] The WiiU 5.5.1 hack (E, U, J, K ...)

  • In this section, we will help you better understand what may seem unclear to you.
In this section, we will help you better understand what may seem unclear to you.
 #466  by Cronos
 Mon Jan 01, 2018 11:17 pm
This tutorial will allow you to hack your Wii U in a simple and detailed way.
The hack will allow you to enjoy a number of non-exhaustive things, such as:
  • WiiU game backups and their DLC on external hard drive / USB key or internal memory
  • Virtual Console games on external hard drive / USB drive or internal memory
  • Emulators to play on the television or the gamepad
  • Hack of the vWii and so, the support for Wii and GameCube games
  • Homebrew various and varied
Glossary of the different terms relating to the hack
- Backups:

backups are the names given to a digital copy of a game, to play on a console that has been "hacked".

- CFW (Custom Firmware):

It is a custom firmware from that of the WiiU that will allow you to benefit from additional functions, such as a server linked to your PC to explore the internal memory of the WiiU, or the sigpatched, backups, emulators, .... CFW launches on sysNAND! He is sigpatched.

- Homebrew Launcher:

This small program is a launcher of "homemade" programs. Well-known hack, this program will allow you to display unsigned programs via a flaw. The Homebrew launcher is an .elf file that you will find here and which will be placed on your SD card.

Part one: install what you need on the SD card

You need :
  • From a 16 or 32GB SD card, as desired. (I advise 32)
  • A Wii U in 5.5.1 connected to the network
  • An external hard drive, a USB stick or an external SSD. I advise you to have at least 250GB.
  • OPTIONAL: A DS game purchased on the eShop. This is not mandatory, but it will allow you to start the CFW automatically at startup instead of restarting the homebrew launcher each time.
  • This pack: RTU WiiU 5.5.1
Download the pack , unzip it and put it on your SD card. You have everything you need to launch the homebrew launcher, the custom firmware mocha and install games, dlc and others.

At first, you must understand that the flaw to launch the homebrew launcher through the Internet browser console. So you have to go through the browser every time you want to launch the Custom Firmware. A permanent solution exists and is detailed in a tutorial that you will find at the bottom of this post.

From the site below, you can view the Homebrew Launcher. Save the site as favorites in the web browser:

Place the SD card in the console once the pack is uncompressed, and load one of these pages. Select "Homebrew Launcher" and wait.

You will arrive on this page:


Select CFW Mocha to launch it.

You will come back to the WiiU menu, it's normal. The firmware is now loaded into memory.

To install your games, follow this tutorial: Installation games / VC / DLC

You also have these tutorials at your disposal:

- Block console updates with Open DNS
- Hacker the vWii without games simply with wupserver => Optional, if you want to enjoy the Wii part of the console