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  • [Request] Final Fantasy XV: Royal Edition (PS4) DLC compilation PKG

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You want a game? Ask for it here !!
 #6807  by wad11656
 Tue Jun 26, 2018 9:42 am
UPDATE: Looks like this post has been updated to include all the Royal Edition DLC's:


Can you please upload the PKG for Final Fantasy XV: Royal Edition ?
Or does it require FW > 5.05?
Its firmware requirements aren't listed on the dev wiki game list yet.

EDIT: Oh...but it says "Internet Required" on the box art. Does that mean someone needs to come up with a more elaborate crack before it can get released?

EDIT 2: I found out the disc that comes in this box is just the base installation of the original vanilla FF XV and the updates need to come through the internet. So I guess my new request is for all the FF XV DLC that comes with Royal Edition
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