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You want a game? Ask for it here !!
 #8204  by rauber-sama
Where are the NSP files for download? I downloaded a couple of games and no NSP file was with the downloads.
I can´t find them and i need those to update the games and get dlc.
I also can't seen to open the homebrew menu. i downloaded all the needed files and put some of them in a folder called switch on my SD card and others in a folder called SXOS. The problem is before i did that i only could open a homebrew menu with no files and now that i have files including the shop, the screen goes blank and returns instantly to the regular menu.
If someone can help i would need NSP files for those games( the ones i downloaded):
Mario kart 8
Mario tennis aces
Mario Odyssey
Pokken DX
The legend of zelda breath of the wild
Shining resonance refrain
Kirby star alies
blaz blue cross tag battle.
Of all of those i only found the nsp files of shining resonance, but i can´t dowload it since it exceeds the limits of mega and my megadownloaded doesnt seen to be working on big files.
 #9808  by Warped
Quick solution for your problems:

Regards :pirate: