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  • Lollipop Chainsaw PS3 PKG

 #778  by Cronos
 Fri Feb 16, 2018 9:51 pm

Description The story of the cutie Juliette Starling, part-time being a zombie hunter.
Under your guidance, a figurehead blonde, a high school student with a chainsaw, will have to crush, saw and dismember at the ready. As a knife through the oil, go through the hordes of the undead, and let your path be marked with blood and flesh. Not dug up yet that zombie that will stop the chirrer-maker!
The development of Lollipop Chainsaw is the studio of GRASSHOPPER MANUFACTURE, founded by the game designer Goiti Suda, also known under the pseudonym SUDA 51. Other celebrities are working on the project - composer Akira Yamaoka and screenwriter James Gunn, the author of the remake of the legendary "Dawn of the Dead".

Lollipop Chainsaw PS3 PKG INFO
Release date: 2012
Genre: Action, Slasher, 3D, 3rd Person
Code of the disc: BLES01525
Game version: 1.0
Language : English
Size: 4.81 GB
Link :
Do not cut / no recoded
Running through the icon in XMB (No manager)
Version of the game - 1.0

» Japanese Premium Pack:
- Casual Girlie Teenager suit / Date Night outfit
- Bunny Rabbit Plushie suit
- Bikini Babe outfit (Multi-Border Bikini)
- Cutie Waitress outfit (exclusive)
- Dual audio tracks (Japanese and English - dual audio is unconfirmed for North America).
- The ability to adjust between the sparkles and hearts or blood and gore (blood and gore is confirmed for the US version).

» Zombie Medals Pack

» Costumes Pack

» Ash Costume
- Original chainsaw master with the legendary Ash from Evil Dead.

» Little Jimmy Urine Costume
- Frontman from Mindless Self Indulgence.