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  • LEGO Batman: The Videogame PS3 ISO (PAL-ENG)

 #113  by Cronos
 Sun Dec 03, 2017 1:13 pm

Description Lego Batman: The Video Game on PS3 features the famous Bat Man and his companion Robin in an adventure made in Lego. Cross the levels in cooperation with your sidekick ready to help solve some puzzles, help your bat-arsenal and put on different combinations to get special skills. Take on the villains of the series to be able to play again with them and unlock many bonuses.

Region :
Languages : English

Download size : 5,31Gb
Link :
Password : FAQ #2
part 1!sGoRQayB!WL7gKtFg5r0u ... RQ8fLzStAQ
part 2!JGZyWKLS!OGuWt3vdGKJ0 ... hAiH75LhlE
part 3!lDBz0BDA!zYY9bUsTeJiR ... CnOAdF2De4
part 4!geQmSZBS!rOiCVuEyxFAu ... 4DWSRmyVcQ
part 5!YeQUUYja!tjzPuCI40TeY ... dXL3TZr7B0