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  • God of War PS3 PKG

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 Thu Feb 15, 2018 4:07 pm

Description The Dark Times of Ancient Greece ... Nobody and nothing can stop the god of war Ares, who was determined to destroy the great Athens. Even the keeper of the city, the goddess Athena-Pallada, daughter of the thunderer Zeus, can not break the father's prohibition - the gods are forbidden to fight with each other. Kratos, the mighty son of Sparta, a former military leader, is only able to stop the destruction. He who gave up his life to Ares in exchange for a victory over the barbarians, he turned into the blinded by the fury of a merciless slave who, with his master's name, wipes cities and peoples from the face of the Earth. It's time to throw off the shackles, find freedom and rebuild the world by doing the impossible - killing an immortal god ...
Kratos is armed with two swords of Chaos, chained to the hands of the hero. A long and dangerous path awaits the Spartan. His goal is the Pandora's Box, which horrifies even the gods. Only with his help a brave mortal can free himself from eternal slavery - to defeat Ares and save Athens from imminent death.
Combined movements, tricks and strikes have never before been so cruel and uncontrollably furious. Any attack of Kratos can pour into a bloody river, the turbulent flow of which will dry out only when all enemies are defeated to the one. The more effective and long the combo, the more enemies destroyed in a single attack, the more the player gains points that can be spent on acquiring new super-attacks, increasing the speed and force of the strike of any weapon found during the game - from the swords of Chaos to the trident Poseidon. The skill of Kratos will grow with every attack. But be careful: if you miss at least one blow of the opponent, you lose all the points earned during the long attack.

God of War PS3 PKG INFO
Release date: 2010
Genre: Action, Slasher
Code: BCES00791
Language of voice: English
Subtitle Language: English
Size: 8.73 GB
Link :
God of War PS3 PKG