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  • Battlefield Hardline PS3 PKG

 #723  by Cronos
 Thu Feb 15, 2018 3:32 pm

Description Lead your team by playing for the detective Nick Mendoza in episodes of a single campaign in the style of a criminal drama or for cops and bandits in a tense and dynamic online game Battlefield. You are either on one side of the law, or on the other. It's time to take to the streets!
New maps and gadgets will change your style of play. Climb to the city buildings with hooks and whistle from house to house on the ropes, with a bag of money behind. No matter what strategy you adopt, in the war for territory you can not do without teamwork.
Quench the thirst for speed thanks to a rich and dynamic gameplay with new exciting adrenaline modes. Zaprygivayte in powerful sports cars, on fashionable motorcycles or even bring your team on armored cars. Feel the drive of events.

Battlefield Hardline PS3 PKG INFO
Release date: 2015
Genre: FPS, 3d shooter
Release from: Afd
Code of the disc: NPEB02038
Game version: 1.02
Language : ENGLISH
Size: 12.48 GB
Link :
Nothing recoded
Cut all languages except English
The game is patched to the latest version 1.02
Additional content is sewed:
»Vehicle Shortcut
»Gear Shortcut
»Enforcer Shortcut
»Mechanic Shortcut
»Operator Shortcut
»Professional Shortcut
»Premium Upgrade
»Ten Gold Combat Sets
»Combat set" Universality "
»Combat set« Accuracy »
»Combat set" Suppression "

Multiplayer on a separate disk
Running through the icon in XMB (No manager)
Installation is divided into 4 DVD5