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  • Super Saurio Fly NSP

 #12034  by Cronos
 Mon Jan 28, 2019 8:37 pm

Description "Super Saurio Fly" is an arcade game on SWITCH 2D developed by Fraxel Games. Players evolve across levels through different parts of the world. They will be able to use Super Saurio's ability to fly, dodge traps and defeat other dinosaurs. Each level will have its own style and soundtrack. "Super Saurio Fly" consists of 16 fun levels with 2 difficulty modes (normal or difficult).

The player takes control of Saurio, a cute, awkward and tiny pterodactyl whose eggs have been stolen. Saurio will have to look for his eggs around the world and defeat the evil captors.

Super Saurio Fly NSP INFO
Release date: April 28, 2018
Publisher / Developer: Fraxel Games
Genre: Platform / Adventure
Format: NSP
Language: MULTI
Region: FREE / EUR
SIZE : 2.6 GB
Link :