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  • Godly Corp NSP

 #12719  by Cronos
 Sat Apr 06, 2019 3:09 pm

Description Do you want to do something meaningful in your life? Do you want more responsibilities, like the fate of the multiverse? You may want to consider a career at Godly Corp, an upcoming ultra-full-featured simulator that focuses on tentacle physics! Rest assured that every mistake will have huge consequences, exactly the way you want it! In addition, you will not have time to exhaust yourself in this post because EVERY day is a completely new challenge. Monday, you will fight against insects. Tuesdays are the day when someone tries to rob us, Wednesday can be the most laid back day! If these missions seem too easy, we guarantee that the more experienced you are, the more interesting the challenges! As you can see, it's a dream job! Characteristics : Sprawling mechanics. Each level is a completely different experience. A humorous humor. Participate in the ranking to be the best employee. Hell multitask. Surprises at every nook. Hidden elements throughout the game * No medical coverage is provided to Godly Corp employees....

Godly Corp NSP INFO
Release date: 05/04/2019
Publisher / Developer: Ultimate Games
Genres: Action, Simulation
Format: NSP
Languages: english
Region: FREE / EUR
SIZE : 392 MB
Link :