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  • Arcade Archives IMAGE FIGHT NSP

 #13465  by Cronos

Description IMAGE FIGHT is a shooting game published by Irem in 1988.

Complete the virtual reality training course, then fight in space!

After completing each step, you can check and see the number of ships you have destroyed.

The Arcade Archives series features faithful reproductions of many classic arcade masterpieces. Different game settings are editable, like difficulty, and it is possible to replicate the atmosphere of arcade display settings of yesteryear. Players around the world can also compete with each other and compare their records.

Enjoy masterpieces that have inspired a generation of video games.

Publisher / Developer: Hamster
Genre: Arcade / Shooter
Release date: May 23, 2019
Format: NSP
Language: MULTI
Region: Free / Eur
SIZE : 75 MB
Link :