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  • Duke of Defense NSP

 #13771  by Cronos

Description Duke of Defense is an Action Tower full of humor, insolent villagers, wizards with oversized ego and a great adventure! Build, roll and clear your way through hordes of goblins, ogres, golems and more! Improve your character as you go along with a plethora of abilities available in a skill tree. These powers are also usable in the mode of cooperation, so that everyone can enjoy! Do not forget to go to the Placard Well to try a multitude of extravagant heads and customize your Duc, you will unlock more choices throughout your adventure! Unique tricks, powerful powers, and 8-bit flowers will ensure that you will come back for more and more challenges.

Duke of Defense NSP INFO
Release date: 20/06/2019
Publisher / Developer: Hitcents
Genres: Action, Adventure
Format: NSP
Languages: english
Region: FREE / EUR
SIZE : 107 MB
Link :