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  • The Way Remastered NSP + UPDATE

 #13948  by Cronos

Description The Way Remastered follows the story of a member of a team of space explorers who lost his beloved and refuses to accept his death. During one of his expeditions, he discovers ancient writings evoking the existence of a method to obtain eternal life. Ready to do anything to find his beloved, he decides to return to the extraterrestrial planet, despite the many secrets and dangers that await him.

A platform and reflection game carried by his script, his sumptuous graphics and his soundtrack Panu Talus.

Immerse yourself in an incredibly detailed world, spread over 200 screens populated by alien flora and fauna.
A gameplay rich in challenges and adrenaline, serving a decidedly retro adventure.
Discover the mysteries surrounding the planet and live the story through beautiful scenery and an atmospheric soundtrack.
Earn new abilities to continue exploring the planet and solving puzzling puzzles.

Main additions of this Remastered version:

Graphic improvements.
HD vibrations.
Music player.
Game design and level design changes based on player feedback.

The Way Remastered NSP + UPDATE INFO
Publisher: SONKA
Publication date: 20/04/2018
Categories: Adventure, Action, Platforms, Puzzles
Languages: German, English, Spanish, French, Italian, Russian, Chinese
SIZE : 735 MB
Link :