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  • Pulstario NSP

 #16317  by Cronos

Description Pulstario is a short game where you pilot a ship to recover souls lost in space. Certain levels will challenge you, it's up to you to master the gameplay. By the creator of LOVE and kuso.

Pulstario is a short experience, allow 30 minutes on average to complete the game.
In addition to the main game, Pulstario contains secret levels, achievements and unlockable skins to collect.


11 Levels
5 Secret Levels
14 Hits
16 Ship Skins to Collect

Pulstario is only available in English, but does not contain much text.

The game contains the following modes:

Unlimited Mode: play with an unlimited number of lives, without penalties, and slow down time.
Arcade Mode: you will have a limited number of lives and slow down time.
Challenge Mode: attention, very limited number of lives.
Speedrun Mode: play the entire game, or one level, against the clock.
One Life Mode: complete all levels without dying once.
Pulstario NSP INFO
Release Date: Dec 23, 2019
Publisher: Mokuzai Studio
Category: Action, Adventure, Arcade, Platformer
Region: FREE/USA
Languages: English
Size: 174 MB
Link :