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  • The Snack World Trejarers Gold switch iso (xci)

 #4671  by Cronos

Description It's an action-RPG that can play as many as four in multiplayer, or you're an adventurer named Trejarers who will explore randomly generated dungeons while collecting rare items.

The Snack World Trejarers Gold switch iso (xci) INFO
Genre: RPG
Developer: Level-5
Format: .xci
Language: Japanese
Region: Jap (Free Region)
Size : 14.56 Gb

Link :


 #16107  by Makusta
No idea what happen but logged on another account but it is I who posted this
Found out it drops out in Feb 2020 my bad my bad
Parastic wrote: Sun Dec 01, 2019 1:07 am Hi Team

I notice in the notice it has released in Australia and just wondering if there is a english version out yet? ... crawl-gold