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  • The Lost Child switch iso (xci)

 #6589  by Cronos

Description The Lost Child is an RPG-type game in which we play Hayato Ibuki, editor of tabloids. He is investigating mysterious suicides at Shinjuku Station. However, when he studies the situation, the latter meets Balucia accidentally. Saving her from a sad fate, the young woman gives her a box that will change her life.

The Lost Child switch iso (xci) INFO
Editor / Developer : Kadokawa Games | Crim
Release: June 22, 2018
Genre : RPG
Format: .XCI
Language: English
Region: FREE
SIZE : 3,50 GB

 #6593  by Squanchy
Jinoshi wrote:I cant seem to get this to show up in SX OS is his game not working or is it just me.
The lost child is a type 2 cart, sx os cant play it yet but they are already working on a OS update :)

also nice work on the uploads Cronos
 #6595  by akoli
Is there a list somewhere.. as I knew of sushi strikers but no others .. my SX Pro is not due for a few weeks so I can't test as yet.