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  • Shining Resonance Refrain switch xci/nsp +dlc + update

 #7678  by Cronos

Description Shining Resonance is a role-playing game with a real-time combat system. The player's characters can fight using songs. In a world where dragons are wanted for their power, a girl tries to save their last representative ...

Shining Resonance Refrain switch xci INFO
Publisher / Developer : Sega
Release: July 10, 2018
Genre : RPG
Topic : Heroic Fantasy | dragons
Format: .XCI/.NSP
Language: English
Region: FREE
SIZE : 6,87 GB
Link :
1FICHIER (with dlc and update and pack jap voice)
game base
DLC Shining Resonance Refrain Japanese Voice Pack




Tested on Sxos 1.3, works nickel
 #7700  by oemer609
Thanks for the Upload can someone help me please? I am a Mac User and when i paste in the password, I get an error "The archive SRRBY...Part15.rar is not complete" Why do I get this error? its frustrating right now

EDIT: I have changed my ZipArchiver, works now
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 #7701  by Rail
it's working fine, yea, even with japanese dubs downloaded from the eshop.

Deactivate your adblocker or use another browser, then the ouo loop ends. And don't copy paste the pw, just write it down manually.
 #7702  by Raiken
GOD Im so Dumb lol I wasnt doing it Right.... I was downloading the Link instead of using them on the Browser Noob Move on my part. Thanks a lot!