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  • Hand of Fate 2 switch nsp

 #8161  by Cronos

Description Hand of Fate 2 is a game where you explore dungeons, in a world of black fantasy. Take on the challenges of a live board game, where each stage of the adventure depends on a legendary dating deck that you have composed yourself! Be careful of your choices, because your opponent, the enigmatic donor, will not spare you, while using you as an instrument of his revenge.

The table has changed, but the stakes are the same: life or death!

Hand of Fate 2 switch nsp INFO
Publisher / Developer: Defiant Development
Released: November 07, 2017
Genre : Action RPG Card Game
Theme: Heroic Fantasy
Languages : multi (Jap, En, Fr, Ger, It, Spa, Kor, Por, Rus, Chin)
Format : .nsp
Size : 2,44 Gb
Link :
 #8174  by grunchy
Thanks! Great site, and great work on all the uploads, etc. Cronus and everyone else!

I am having a password error when extracting. I have typed it, and tried copy/paste. error for both ways. Using 7-zip. Thanks for any help!

Edit: Nvm, I figured it out. I'm going to bed before I do any real damage. Thanks again!