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 #10281  by cyanity
Decided to try and install this, but SX OS's install screen gave me an invalid file error. Also, when I extracted the rar files, at no point was I asked to enter a password. The files I downloaded were parts 01 through 24, and the final file size was 11,883,173 kb. Did I do something wrong?

edit - also, the file had no thumbnail and was by "unknown developer"
 #10672  by ihatetrump
Dethstroke wrote: Tue Aug 28, 2018 2:39 pm Anyone got an XCI or a better download for this?
Sorry to bother, but I am curious what you mean with regards to "a better download". Do you mean to say you are having problems with this file working?
I love that Cronos uploads all these files for us to share. He rocks! But I have been very nervous about this one because it was available before the game itself was release. I downloaded it right away but have not yet tried it.
Thank you.