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  • Dragon Sinker NSP

 #11978  by Cronos

Description With graphics and 8-bit sound reminiscent of RPGs, Dragon Sinker offers a visual and aural treat for nostalgic players of yesterday's classics!

Browse the world for new companions and collect more than 16 jobs. Then lead up to 12 characters in turn-based battles, swapping freely between three teams to face a horde of fearsome enemies! The costumes of the characters change depending on the job, giving even more to admire the lovers of pixels!

With many side quests and secret dungeons to explore, here's an unforgettable adventure!

Dragon Sinker NSP INFO
Editor : KEMCO
Developer : Exe Create Inc.
Date de publication : 22/02/2018
Category : RPG, Adventure, Simulation, Strategy
LANGUAGES : Japanese, English
SIZE : 199 MB
Link :