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  • Fernz Gate NSP

 #12062  by Cronos

Description After waking up in an unknown wood, Alex, an ordinary high school student, learns that he is in Fernland, a world dominated by conflict and destruction.

While fighting the monsters, the threat of the Overlord and the succession of chaotic events, Alex tries to find his place in this new world and meets Lita, a young woman also coming from a peaceful planet.

They quickly become friends and decide to travel together, but what hidden truth awaits them when they begin their adventure ...?

Join forces with creatures and fight! Enjoy the Secret House and send the creatures collect items or place them in rooms to earn special effects. Increase your settings, upgrade and customize your weapons, accept various sub-quests and enjoy a variety of content!

Fernz Gate NSP INFO
Release date: 23/08/2018
Publisher / Developer: KEMCO
Genres: Adventure, RPG
Format: NSP
Languages: english, japanese
Region: FREE / USA
SIZE : 135 MB
Link :