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  • Dandy Dungeon Legend of Brave Yamada NSP

 #13888  by Cronos

Description Yamada-kun (Age 36) is a programmer at a major game publisher. He hates his job. Deep into every night, alone in his apartment, he works on his own game: it's an RPG, and he is the hero, Brave Yamada!

One day, he falls in love at first sight with his new neighbor Maria-chan and in an effort to nurture these feelings, adds Princess Maria into his game!

Will Yamada-kun and Maria-chan find love?

Is destiny pre-programmed, or randomly generated? Is love a bug or a feature?

Find out in this unique RPG from Onion Games!

Dandy Dungeon Legend of Brave Yamada NSP INFO
Release Date : Jun 27, 2019
Publisher : Onion Games
Developer : Onion Games
Category : Action, Role-Playing, Strategy, Puzzle
Region : FREE/JAP
LANGUAGES : jap,english
SIZE : 789 MB
Link :