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  • Neo Atlas 1469 switch NSP/XCI

 #6346  by Cronos

Description The game takes place at the time of the 15th century, a time when men had no knowledge of what the world could look like, but they made many assumptions on the other hand. In this context, you play as a trader ready to sail on the sea with the aim of drawing a map of the world and listening carefully to the reports of your admirals that you have engaged

Neo Atlas 1469 switch iso (xci) INFO
Publisher / Developer : Arc System Works | Artdink
Release: April 19, 2018
Genre : Management | Strategy
Theme : History
Format: .XCI
Language: JAP/English
Region: JAP
SIZE : 1,85 GB

 #15498  by dothackjhe
Can you convert this to NSP and upload the version 1.1.0 update as well?
 #15550  by dothackjhe
Much thanks!