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  • World Conqueror X SWITCH NSP

 #10147  by Cronos

Description This edition, which marks the arrival of the successful license on the console, offers varied missions, with a strong emphasis on history to add a plot to each battle.

Through dozens of battles and multiple modes, you must manage a wide range of troops and military units in turn-based conflicts, using advanced strategies such as air defenses, while constantly keeping an eye on battlefields and surrounding cities. You can upgrade your headquarters, take control of enemy bases and strengthen your own cities, build monuments, and recruit powerful generals. Battles take place on land, at sea and in the air, requiring a thorough strategy to achieve victory.

You will have access to two main modes that offer many hours of complex strategic warfare. Campaign Mode includes Axis and World War II Allied missions in Europe and the Pacific, with key historical battles on both sides. There are 40 missions to overcome (not counting the tutorial).

You can also get into Conquest mode, choosing a starting point in 1939 or 1943. Choose from over 20 countries and try to dominate your enemies with strategy and military strength.

Turn-based strategic war based on the key events of the Second World War.
Engage in historic battles, both Allied and Axis in Campaign mode, with 40 battles in total.
Build your own empire in full war in Conquest mode, choosing from over 20 countries.
Expand your HQ, access powerful generals and benefits to reverse the situation.
All aspects of the strategy should be considered: ground units, air and sea battles, put in place a good defense and evolve your cities to increase your chances of winning.

World Conqueror X SWITCH NSP INFO
Publisher / Developer: Circle Entertainment
Release: 08/03/2018
Genre: Simulation, Strategy
Format: NSP
Region: EUR
SIZE : 232 MB
Link :
update 1.0.4
 #12017  by Talhaman
Cronos wrote: Tue Jan 08, 2019 8:20 pm
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link seems to be down. It goes to gdrive but after that it does not let me download the file.
link fixed , update added
Thank you very much for your awesome work!