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  • Swamp Defense 2 NSP

 #11452  by Cronos

Description In a village that was once very peaceful, a strange teacher tried to build a machine (Arcade Klonomat) to clone cows and increase milk production. Already during the first tests, he discovered that cows could not be cloned because of the high protein content of the milk. In short, the professor secretly sank the Klonomat Arcade in a nearby swamp. Favored by the toxic emanations of waste from the local nuclear power station, the Klonomat Arcade has since created terrible monsters swamps that ravage the neighborhood.

Brave villages fight an almost hopeless fight against the spawning of the marsh without suspecting that the precious teacher is at the root of this problem. Instead of trying to find a solution, he built a Klonomat Arcade for people and asked for money for its use. As it is only a very small village, the few inhabitants are forced to clone in order to compete with the swamp monsters as an army.

Get rid of your enemies and fight the attack of monsters in the swamps!

Swamp Defense 2 NSP INFO
Release date: 15/11/2018
Publisher / Developer: EntwicklerX
Genres: Puzzle, Strategy
Format: NSP
Languages: Multi (english, german)
Region: FREE / EUR
SIZE : 51 MB
Link :