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  • Tank Troopers (NTSC-US)

 #450  by Cronos
 Sun Dec 31, 2017 12:32 pm

Description After years of collaboration in the underwater depths, the studio Vitei finally battle in the open. And if Steel Diver was inspired by Silent Service, Tank Troopers recalls World of Tanks. However, the cartoon aspect and the perky ambience of a whistling soundtrack set the tone, the one of the friendly squabble with his fights up to six players. A proven formula, like the gameplay whose particularity is limited to the optional use of the gyroscope for aiming. The single-player campaign is divided into two versions, one with tanks and predetermined troops, while the other allows to customize his armada. However, the need to buy vehicles and soldiers involves starting with the first, which also serves as an introduction to multi modes. Between the chase (possibly in the mist), the search for targets, the protection or the basic attack, this thirty or so missions have few surprises. Only exceptions: the tests of balls or bombs to push way Rocket League, sometimes amusing, sometimes crispy alas. The relative slowness of the tanks makes it necessary to bet on the tactics, where the crew plays an essential role. Beyond the few objects to glean on the battlefield, including camouflage, these units provide a temporary advantage often crucial, whether to improve the characteristics, to hinder the opponent or benefit from a super radar. Too bad the maps are not more numerous and lack verticality to exploit the shooting distance, despite destructible elements. Worse: the experience is reflected here especially in money raised, because the best tanks are the most expensive. The download mode balance fortunately hostilities, each with the same arsenal, and somehow compensates for the surprising omission of online clashes.

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