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Isos Games Xbox One for download. coming soon !
 #10855  by Hugnkiss
Hello everyone,

If your a huge xbox fan or had one as a kid growing up, it was a great system and away a head of its time as a game system, but as the years gone by it got lost in the emulation area of the web, due to its lack of Xobx only games ( Beside Halo). But now it has come back to your pc. Cxbx-Reloaded has realested its latest version 0.1 and it can play a good a mount of og xbox games. Now it is still being worked on and again it as of now cannot play every xbox game, but being able to play a few very well is awesome. I have a youtube video showing it in in use, the link is here Also I have included the website for Cxbx-Reloaded, here it is Again its not 100% for all games but its off to a great start :-D. Enjoy