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 #556  by Cronos
 Sat Jan 27, 2018 8:43 pm
In 2001 was launched an emulator named Snes Station, developed by Hyryu, it was largely inspired by Snes9X, now it is Nominus, a developer who reveals that it is possible to launch this program on a PlayStation 4 firmware 4.05.
This emulator originally ported to PlayStation 2 has been adapted to PS4.

1. Open disc01 place ROM files in folder
2. Open cdgenPS2.exe, drag all files located INSIDE disc01 folder into cdgenPS2
3. Click IMG on left side, save as disc01.iso [make sure it's an iso file]
4. This is your disc01 for you PS4 FPKG building.
5. Continue to build PS4-PS2 package as usual. Install on PS4 and enjoy.


Note** Games will be located on 'CDROM' directory until we can escape the PS2 sandbox and add USB support to PS2 emulator. ;-)

SNES STATION with the 10 most popular ROMs included. Download it here (just 42MB!): Dwonload Snes Station for PS4